Carrie A. Masiello, Associate Professor, Earth Science and Chemistry

Brandon Dugan, Associate Professor, Earth Science

Helge Gonnermann, Associate Professor, Earth Science

Joff Silberg, Associate Professor, BioSciences and Bioengineering

Kyriacos Zygourakis, Professor, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Pedro J.J. Alvarez, Professor and Chair, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Ken Medlock, Senior Director, Center for Energy Studies, Baker Institute for Public Policy

Matt Bennett, Assistant Professor, BioSciences

Dan Wagner, Associate Professor, BioSciences

Evan Siemann, Professor, Biosciences

Andrea Ballestero, Assistant Professor, Anthropology

Xiaodong Gao, Research Scientist, Earth Science

Richard Johnson, Director of Energy and Sustainability

Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr. Morgan E. Gallagher, Earth Science

Dr. Ghasideh Pourhashem, Economics, Earth Science, and Baker Institute

Graduate Students

Zuolin Liu, Earth Science

Lacey Pyle, Earth Science

Shelly Cheng, Bioengineering

Julia Vidonish, Civil and Environmental Engineering

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